EDucation UK-wide APP store

This project is about a cross-university widget store, i.e. a repository and community site that focuses on collecting and promoting widgets for learning and teaching. The store will be accompanied with discovery services and will offer easy integration of widgets to personal learning environments while promoting widget capabilities and features. It will offer to end users a sophisticated recommendation engine will promote widgets according to each user’s needs and interaction history. Widget store shall be used by educators as a (centralized) point to focus on any of their initiatives for creating a personal learning environment while for developers a socially-driver platform for widget development. Widget developers will benefit from a framework in place that will be able to monitor widget usage; valuable to detect patterns of activity in a personal learning environment.
The functional requirements of this project include:
  • Social annotation: Each widget shares its own profile page and user generated meta-data (comments/tags/rating). Functionality to annotate widgets with learning activities they afford will be needed. (annotating affordances, tagging, rating, comments)
  • Socially-driven development: Widget store allows its community of users to submit and vote on requirements for the further or new development of widgets (requirements voting, feedback, management)
  • age tracking: widget store tracks how widgets are utilized, in which context and which functionalities are used.
  • Widget Bundles: widgets are grouped in ‘collections’ which support specific tasks; bundles of arrangements supporting a particular work flow are required.
  • Recommendation engine: an integrated information filtering system to provide suggestions both content based (similar widgets) and user social circle based (what other users have selected).
While the widget store is not yet public, it is under full development and you can checkout the backend code (or contribute) from the public code repository